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Our Story

Alligators have always been a part of Florida and, as avid hunters and
fisherman, it was only natural for the Nelsen family to hunt gators too.
For over a decade we have participated in Florida's statewide alligator
hunt program, spending most of our fall nights on the water looking for ol'
big boy.

There are few things more exciting than coming across multiple pairs of
glowing red eyes. Bugs, heat, cramped boats and lots of caffeine have all
been a part of our experience during gator season. We've had a couple
close calls but it all adds to the excitement!

From hunting to skinning to cooking, it's been a family affair. Along the
way, we've mastered the art of skinning and hide preparation. After
making belts, wallets and boots, we decided we wanted to make something
unique that could be passed down from generation to generation.

Gun cases seemed a perfect choice for a family of hunters. After our
friends saw and inquired about these unique cases, we decided to make
them available to anyone looking for a one-of a kind item from a hand
caught, genuine Florida alligator.
gator hunting
alligator hunting
alligator hunting